Welcome to the Riess family’s website. On this website, we discuss the fraudulent adoption of our daughter and sister, Michelle, and unexpectedly finding her after 40 years of separation thanks to an Ancestry DNA test.

Michelle spent the first 40 years of her life not knowing she was adopted, or that she has three full sisters. Despite their promises, the adoptive parents never told Michelle that she was adopted. Instead, for four decades, they manipulated her into believing she was actually their biological child, while weaving an enormous web of lies to conceal the truth from her — all while living just a few miles from her biological family.

To learn more about our amazing story, start here:

Our Adoption Reunion Story [ read now ]
Story of Michelle’s illegally arranged adoption & our family’s beautiful reunion 40 years later — thanks to an Ancestry DNA test

Could YOU Secretly Be Adopted And Not Know? [ read now ]
Read about some of the red flags that were in Michelle’s life that could indicate you are adopted.

I Am Not Your Little Orphan Annie [ read now ]
Read Michelle’s experiences as an adopted child while living the life of a biological child

Newspaper Articles About Our Adoption Case [ read now ]
A collection of articles about the trial of the adoption attorney who illegally arranged Michelle’s adoption

View All Posts [ read now ]
Read all posts on this website, including our adoption reunion story & more!

Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of our family over the years.

Michelle Riess Christina Gellura Adoption
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