Searching for other Kent adoptees

We are searching for other families impacted by the unethical adoptions organized by Edward Kent. This includes adopted individuals, biological families, and adoptive families.

Edward Kent was a lawyer from Willingboro, New Jersey (Burlington County) who illegally arranged a number of shady adoptions in the 1970s. He worked for the firm Kent, Grayer, Rosenberg located in Willingboro. He was indicted in 1978 for orchestrating several illegal adoptions.

If you believe your adoption (pre-2000) was arranged by Edward Kent, or anyone from the firm Kent, Grayer, Rosenberg, we would love to talk to you about your experience. Please contact us using the form below. We will contact you at the email address you provide. Your message will only be shared with Michelle and Hollie Riess and will not be posted anywhere. Thank you!