Michelle Riess

Michelle Riess is a 2017 late discovery adoptee. At age 40, she made her shocking adoption discovery after getting a DNA match on Ancestry.com to one of her three full biological sisters. Michelle is now happily reunited with her entire biological family and is working on her first book detailing her life-changing discovery and navigating her new reality. Michelle lives near Philadelphia and is the mother of three young children.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there, but especially to mine. Also sending lots of love today to my grandfather, my uncles, my sisters’ husbands, and to all of my cousins. Also, I send wishes to all of the men out there who aren’t dads but areContinue Reading

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the amazing women in my life, but most importantly to my mother, Hollie. She’s not just my biological mother, she IS my mother and the perfect example of what a good mother should be. I am so fortunate to know her and to buildContinue Reading

February 29 – Happy birthday to our dad, Rick. Dad was born on a leap year so he’s actually only turning 15 years old today. LOL! Happy birthday!


Michelle Riess was recently a guest on Extreme Genes with Scott Fisher. It’s a two-part interview, now available for free on the Extreme Genes website. There is also a bonus interview available only to Extreme Genes paid subscribers. Michelle’s portion of the episode begins around the 10:45 mark, then continuesContinue Reading

Original Publication: Courier-Post Original Publication Date: June 5, 1981 NOTE: Much of the information taken from Kent’s testimony completely contradicts Hollie’s experiences and even some of the details that were provided to Michelle by her adoptive father in 2017. We will be writing about these issues and inconsistencies at aContinue Reading