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Michelle Riess is a 2017 late discovery adoptee. At age 40, she made her shocking adoption discovery after getting a DNA match on Ancestry.com to one of her three full biological sisters. Michelle is now happily reunited with her entire biological family and is working on her first book detailing her life-changing discovery and navigating her new reality. Michelle lives near Philadelphia and is the mother of three young children.

Original Publication: The Philadelphia Inquirer Original Publication Date: April 15, 1978 NOTE: Much of the information taken from Kent’s testimony completely contradicts Hollie’s experiences and even some of the details that were provided to Michelle by her adoptive father in 2017. We will be writing about these inconsistencies at aContinue Reading

Original Publication: The New York Times Original Publication Date: April 15, 1978 CAMDEN, N.J., April 14 (UPI) – A lawyer with offices in Marlton, N.J., and Willingboro, N.J., has been indicted for allegedly arranging the illegal adoption of babies. The indictment of the lawyer, Edward Kent, 52 years old, wasContinue Reading