Searching for adoptees & birth mothers from southern NJ (born 1975-1977)

Courier_Post_Mon__May_20__1985_I am searching for at least two adoptees, born in southern New Jersey from approximately 1975-1977, who were adopted through the firm Kent, Grayer & Rosenberg in Willingboro, NJ (Burlington County.)

I am also searching for women who placed a newborn for adoption during this same time period through this firm. The birth mothers were likely from Camden County, Burlington County, or neighboring counties. At least one of the birth mothers was living in Burlington Township, NJ. All of the adoptions were privately arranged.

As of today, I know of three newborn adoptions, including my own, that were arranged by attorney Edward Kent. I was placed in a home in Berlin and the other two adoptees were placed in homes in Cherry Hill. All three adoptions were part of a 1978 indictment against Edward Kent for illegally arranging adoptions. (State v. Kent)

Currently, I do not know the gender or race of any of the adoptees involved. At least one of the adoptees was born in May 1977, possibly May 1st. I do not know when the other adoptee was born, but I believe he/she was also born in 1977. I was born on November 30, 1976 in Burlington County.

Purpose: I am hoping to connect with others who were adopted (or placed a child for adoption) through the same firm that arranged my own adoption. My adoption was very flawed and I’m hoping to communicate with others who were also adopted through Edward Kent so I can learn more about his adoption procedures, background screenings of potential adoptive parents, and overall outcomes for the adoptions he arranged.

ADOPTEES: If you were born from approx. 1975-1977 in New Jersey, and think you could have been adopted through this firm or through this attorney, please contact me. I would love to hear about your adoption and your adoptive parents’ experience. Your responses will be kept completely private and will not be shared publicly.

BIRTH MOTHERS: If you think you placed a newborn for adoption through this firm or this attorney from approximately 1974-1977, please contact me. I would love to hear about your experiences with Edward Kent. Your responses will be kept completely private and will not be shared publicly.

Please share this post with anyone it could apply to. Thank you!

-Michelle L. Riess
Adopted in 1976 through one of Kent’s illegal adoptions

Reunited after 40 years: the Riess family’s amazing adoption reunion story

Deception may give us what we want for the present, but it will always take it away in the end. –Rachel Hawthorne

On November 30, 1976 a baby girl was born. Her parents, Hollie and Rick, named her Michelle Lyn Riess. Four days later, she was handed to another couple who hoped to adopt her. For the next forty years, the young couple had no idea where their daughter was, if she was safe, healthy or even alive. Despite attempts to find her, they were unsuccessful. For the same forty years, Michelle was raised to believe she was the biological child of the couple who adopted her until an unexpected result on an Ancestry DNA test shattered their web of lies.
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