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Searching for adoptees & birth mothers from southern NJ (born 1975-1977)

Edward KentWe are searching for at least two adoptees who were born in southern New Jersey from approximately 1975-1977. These individuals, who would now be in their 40’s, were adopted through the firm Kent, Grayer & Rosenberg in Willingboro, NJ (Burlington County.) Specifically, through Edward Kent, an attorney from this firm.

We are also searching for women who placed a newborn for adoption during this same time period through this firm. The birth mothers were likely from Camden County, Burlington County, or possibly other neighboring counties. At least one of the birth mothers was living in Burlington Township, New Jersey at the time. All of the adoptions were privately arranged through this firm. Continue reading

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Newspaper articles about Michelle’s 1976 adoption

If you would like to read some of the newspaper articles regarding the case against the attorney that illegally arranged the adoption, you can view them HERE. In some of the articles, Michelle is the adopted child referred to as the December 4, 1976 “incident.”

Many of these articles include statements taken from Kent’s court testimony that contradict Hollie’s experiences, including his heavy involvement after Michelle’s birth. They also contradict information given to Michelle in 2017 by her adoptive father. We will make a separate post about these inconsistencies at a later date. Continue reading

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Could you be [secretly] adopted? Red flags that could point to adoption

by Michelle Lyn Riess

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”

In September 2017, at age 40, I accidentally discovered that I am adopted after getting a DNA match on to one of my three full biological sisters (you can read that story here.)  I know it’s difficult to understand how someone could be 40 years old and not know they are adopted, or more specifically, never told they are adopted. Unfortunately, I am living proof that it absolutely can happen to anyone at any point in their adult life (thankfully, it is rare!) 


The moment I met my parents & three sisters for the first time in 2017

Today, with so many people taking DNA tests to trace their family’s history (ex., more people might unexpectedly find themselves in similar situations. Could you be the next late discovery adoptee?
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Reunited after 40 years: our family’s amazing adoption reunion

“Deception may give us what we want for the present, but it will always take it away in the end.” –Rachel Hawthorne

On November 30, 1976 a baby girl was born. Four days later, she was handed to a married couple who hoped to adopt her.

For the next forty years, the young couple had no idea where their daughter was, if she was safe, healthy or even alive. Over the years, they searched for her, but were unable to find her.

For the same forty years–and only a few miles apart–the baby girl was raised to believe she was the biological child of the couple who adopted her. Until 2017, when an unexpected result on an Ancestry DNA test shattered their web of lies.

Michelle 4 days old

Michelle Riess at four days old – December 1976

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