High Tribunal Raps Attorney for Conduct (1963)

Original publication: Courier-Post
Original publication date: January 22, 1963

His conduct is dishonorable and brings the profession into disrepute.-a NJ Supreme Court Justice referring to attorney Edward Kent

TRENTON (UPI) – The State Supreme Court Monday reprimanded lawyer Edward Kent of Levittown [now Willingboro, NJ] for bypassing a Pennsylvania lawyer and dealing directly with his client.

The Pennsylvania lawyer, James P. Geoghegan, complained to the Burlington County Ethics Committee that Kent had sought to arrange settlement of an auto accident through direct dealings with Geoghegan’s client.

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Reunited after 40 years: the Riess family’s amazing adoption reunion story

Deception may give us what we want for the present, but it will always take it away in the end. –Rachel Hawthorne

On November 30, 1976 a baby girl was born. Her parents, Hollie and Rick, named her Michelle Lyn Riess. Four days later, she was handed to another couple who hoped to adopt her. For the next forty years, the young couple had no idea where their daughter was, if she was safe, healthy or even alive. Despite attempts to find her, they were unsuccessful. For the same forty years, Michelle was raised to believe she was the biological child of the couple who adopted her until an unexpected result on an Ancestry DNA test shattered their web of lies.
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